When Is The Best Time To Plant Roses?

Rose Garden When spring is in the air, gardeners around the country wait with baited breath to the results of their labors as the bulbs, shrubs and perennials they planted during the fall come into full fruition. However, this doesn’t mean that the planting season has come to an end as there are many plants that favor being planted in the spring, especially most types or species of roses.

1. All About The Rose

Roses have not diminished in popularity over the centuries and continue to lovingly adorn gardens everywhere. There are a wide variety of rose types – some that simply grow wild and others that require love and care to produce the best buds in a garden. Some species are better suited to different climates while others will not flourish in a garden environment.

2. Factors To Consider

In order for a roses to bloom optimally, they need to be planted in an ideal location in your garden. Roses adore the sun and should receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day. The morning sun is considered to be best so areas in the garden that receive southeastern or eastern exposure are ideal.

Roses require a good supply of air and space to grow so plant the bushes away from large trees or structures. Damp, shady areas promote the development of Black Spot (a disease that results in dark spots appearing on the leaves which could result in the death of the plant) largely due to the appearance of mildew, mold and other microbes in these areas.

Rose Garden 2

The richer the soil content, the happier the roses will be. Adding cow or horse manure compost is perfect to enrich the soil before planting. However, be wary of fresh manure that can harm new roots and make sure that the compost has had time to mature before composting anywhere near the roses.

3. The Ideal Time To Plant Roses

It is important to determine your particular gardening time zone to identify the perfect time to plant your roses. Simply go online and use your zip code to find out the time zone. Gardening zones are classified by the first and last frost of the season. The optimal time to plant roses is after the last frost has thawed fully. It is recommended to wait until the soil is damp (not muddy and wet) and easy to work. On the other hand, it is not a good idea to wait too long – early spring is best (between February and April) in temperate climates or gardening zones. Soil should never be frozen when planting roses.

4. The Special Requirements Of Bare Root Roses

red roses in a gardenYou can order bare root roses to be shipped to your location or purchase them in boxes from your local nursery. These roses are dormant and need to be planted as early on in the spring as possible. The ideal time for planting is before the plant has begun to sprout (when shoots and leaves begin to form on the main branch) but can also be planted once shoots have appeared. This is to ensure that the roses can source energy from the soil to begin growing. It is often much more difficult to get bare root roses growing than roses that have had a head start in a container or plant pot. It is important to seek additional advice and guidance from reliable sources (such as Ohio State University) before opting to plant bare root roses.

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