A Brief History Of Roses

Cabbage RosesThe rose tells a story of its own with its historical relevance, remaining prominent for generations. It has symbolized various aspects of life from the political to the romantic. It is aged at around 35 million years and continues strong to this day.

There are approximately 150 species of the rose present across the Northern Hemisphere. China is home to the original cultivation of these roses around 5,000 years ago. There were moments in history where the Middle East was also a prominent location for the rose.

What has it been used for? It was used for medicinal requirements, perfume ingredients, and confetti. It was listed as a sign of nobility, being displayed in public rose gardens within Roman culture. Gardening trends have had an immense role to play after the Roman empire fell. It has dictated how popular roses were within an era.

England and the rose have a strong bond as it was used as a symbol of control and nationalism. The red rose is interconnected with Lancaster and the white rose with York which at the time led to the ‘War of the Roses’ moniker during the conflict.

Roses continued to play a role as time went on, with rose water being a prominent fixture. Payments were being made with roses. Josephine (who was Napoleon’s wife) was a rose fanatic and relished in her collection. This collection is housed at the Chateau de Malmaison which was located within Paris during the time. Pierre Joseph Redoute, who was a famous botanical illustrator, used the garden as the place for his work. It was his ‘Les Rose’, which captured the imaginations of one and all as he built this collection at the garden.

China was the home of the rose and cultivated roses started flourishing in Europe within the eighteenth century. All roses can now be tracked back down to these roots. Breeding has been done with roses to produce a wider variety of color and form. It was done with the help of repeat bloomers and hybridizers. The goal was to ensure maximum quality was being produced and maintained. Gardening in this day and age has evolved from the techniques of plant breeders in the past, but multiple techniques are still used.

Shrub roses and old garden roses have started to shoot upwards in popularity as time has gone on. It has led to a revolution in the world of roses. Gardeners are shooting for roses which are not going to be restrictive and will be able to maintain quality as required. The roses have to be able to withstand external conditions such as cooler weather during the winter. This is why perennial pieces are so highly valued.

Midwest gardens can grow roses, but it is essential to understand the ins and outs of the process beforehand. Plant selection is a meticulous part of the process. It is essential to understand culture information, all data on insect and/or disease issues along with understanding the various classes of plant available to you. This makes it easier to add the rose to one’s garden.

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